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Phenomenon of the “egg revolution”

Today we talk about the phenomenon of the “egg revolution” in the world. The photo of a chicken egg on a white background scored about 48 million likes on Instagram, and break the record of the most famous person of Instagram by popularity, becoming the best image in the history of a social network.


In addition to the main character - the chicken egg, there are two minor characters in this story who started this mess.


In 7th of February 2018, Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram a photo of her daughter, who scored more than 18 million likes.


On January 4, 2019, someone under the World_record_egg account set up a photo with an egg, writing: “Let's set a world record together and collect as many likes as possible, breaking the current record that Kylie Jenner holds (18 million likes). We can do this!"

And it happened! As a result, by the evening of Sunday, January 13, photos of chicken eggs on a white background were rated by users of 24 million accounts. "This is madness. What an amazing time we live in, the account owner responded to the news of the victory, thanking all the subscribers for their support.


The curious social media users instantly picked up the “epidemy” and began to create similar accounts: photos with chicken, corn chips and lettuce leaves, etc. The fact, that this event is imprinted in the history of social networks is indisputable.


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