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Tabriz Ammayev: It is not necessary to study abroad

One of the guests of the project Oxu.Az «Success Story" is a member of the Azerbaijan-British Alumni Association (Azerbaijan - UK Alumni association - AUKAA) Tabriz Ammayev.

For an interview with T.Ammayev we started to discuss the possibility of employment in England. My companion said that he prefers to work in Azerbaijan and study the economy of our country.

What university did you graduate from?

- I graduated from the Department of Finance, Accounting and Management, at the University of Bristol. I chose totally different specialty. Moreover, first I got my bachelor's degree at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. I graduated from the Faculty of International Economic Relations, Economics and Management of Oil and Gas. I chose this profession, as I got high score from the exams.

And how did you choose a specialty at the University of Bristol?

- University of Bristol is on the list of the 30 best universities in the world. But the main reason why I chose this university was a specialty opportunity it gives to students from all over the world. Also to study in Bristol is much more convenient than to study in London. Here you can easily get adapted to the environment, and fully focused on your study.  During the period of study, I was in London for few times.

The priority for me was to be busy in order to get very good results. But I want to mention that it is not important to study abroad in order to be succesful. The main thing is your desire to learn. So the one who wants to study deeply can order those materials written by professionals no matter where lives and studies.

Teachers did not do anything special there, they just motivated me to focus on my education. The one who wants to study abroad should realize this wish: 60% for education, 40% for self-development. And of course, here we should not forget about your aim to get high results on your education.

What do you mean by mentioning about high results? Only the assessment....

- High performance - is back with a deep knowledge and prove something achieved.

Where did you start to work after returning home?

- I started to work at Azerbaijan State Oil Company (SOCAR). Currently, we are investigating the development of local businesses. It is very interesting to study the development of new businesses in the oil and gas industry. When the job requires you creativity, there appears new opportunities to apply your knowledge. And new opportunities create new goals.

Tell us little about your goals...

- The objectives vary depending on the conditions. That is, the target determined according to a competitive environment. In a non-competitive environment, you reach the goal itself. The main thing - is to determine the right targets in a highly competitive environment and try to achieve them. It is impossible to set not realistic goals. You should always take into account the reality. After all, you have to justify the trust on you.

Whose trust?

- Trust of our parents, trust of people who believed in us at work, etc. I have reached the goals up to the present day. I chose the profession and the work that I love. However, now I want to learn more interesting fields. For example, I go to a training on learning how to become a project manager at Khazar University.

Do you teach somewhere?

- Yes, I do teach at a university. To be honest, I like to learn something while teaching. I always wanted to share what I have learned. Today, I can say with a big confidence that my students know more than the students studying this subject at the University of Bristol. Because we have a common culture with them and I try to present all information in an understandable form.

Tabriz, what qualities one should have in order to succeed?

- Well, let's start with what success means at the end of the job. That is a success - and to see it in advance to achieve the results of their work. And success means to learn from their mistakes, if we cannot get the aimed result from our work. When we need a success, we should be able to reduce or increase our objectives.

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