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What is artificial intelligence?!

İf you are interested in artificial intelligence one of the most important issues you should know is the brain function of the human brain. Because artificial intelligence is based on human intelligence. That is why, scientists need to know how their brains work because they try to replace human intelligence. If we describe the structure of the brain in a short, the information will be processed in the brain and the result will be acted upon. This description is an open illustration of closed box logic for those involved in software management or at least for those who are part of the software engineering course.

In fact, when we go to a little bit deeper, we can see that these processes are imitated by machines, we can observe the input and output of the data, because the working principle of today's computers is based on this logic. However, it performs predetermined operations to make decisions. However, studies on the human brain did not help to create a complete theory of human brain activity. Even now it is difficult to explain how works brain of human. Although psychotronic brain structures are effective in understanding the functional structure of the human brain, they have also an important role in the development of brain research, but have not yet been able to achieve experiments with these devices.

Although Delqado's experiments and animal’s brain research have been successful over 70 years, humans have failed to succeed in the same experiments. One of the most important reasons for this is the complexity of the human brain. We can compare the decision-making ideology with machines that the initiator is Lutfi Aliaskarzadezade. Although it is not clear how the brain works, it is wrong to say that these studies did not work. At least we know about 20% of our brain structure. By using this percentage and combining our own strength, we will be the best tool to achieve a hundred percent of the artificial intelligence we have prepared.

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