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Why is PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) so popular?

What is the game about?

Briefly for those who did not play: There is a large island, with large and small settlements. There are places rich in loot (weapons, ammunition, armor, etc.), and there are also poor places. 100 players fly in an airplane that flies over the island (every time from a different side). You decide where to land, where to fly. A few minutes after landing, the game zone begins to gradually taper off, every time to a randomly selected point. Outside the zone, you gradually lose your health. Narrowing occurs in waves, you always know when it will begin and to which zone it will narrow. Every time, being outside the playing area deals you more and more damage. During the first wave, you can continue to collect loot while remaining outside the zone. At the end of the match, you only need to be a few seconds out of the zone to die. Thus, you are forced to gradually shift into an increasingly narrow space, sit out and camp will not work. The last survivor wins.

Game Graphics

PUBG boasts pretty good graphics…The problem here lies somewhat differently - it's easier to play at the minimum level of settings. The absence of grass and shadows helps to detect the enemy, so even the owners of top machines prefer to turn the settings to a minimum. Also, in Battleground there are problems with desynchronization and cheaters. But even these lags do not discourage players - on the day of writing this article, the maximum online exceeded 2.8 million, which is two times more than online CS: GO and DOTA 2 combined.

Why did the game become so popular in such a short time?

It's all about the victory sense. Take, for example, the Counter or Dota. You play as part of a small team against the same guys as you. Even without doing anything, you can win. Does such a victory bring pleasure? Hardly. Moreover, even if you actively played, and the team won solely thanks to your efforts, it is only a victory over a small group of other players. What do we see in PUBG? Out of the 100 participants in the battle, only one can win. Seeing the cherished inscription “Victory is victory, instead of dinner,” you understand that this time you are better than 99 other players. The scales are slightly larger than in the Dota or Counter. There are few games that give the same impressions of victory as PUBG. I know people who played for a hundred hours but never won. Does it annoy them? Sure. But spurs forward. Despite the many problems, PUBG attracts precisely for its complexity. Very few games in the modern market give the same impressions from the winnings as PUBG and this is the main secret of the popularity of this game.

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